The Rise of the World's Best Travel Bloggers

The Rise of the World’s Best Travel Bloggers

World’s Best Travel Bloggers: Travel blogging, a realm that effortlessly intertwines the allure of exploration with the art of storytelling, has witnessed a significant transformation over the years. From Nomadic Matt’s pioneering budget travel tips to The Blonde Abroad’s empowering narratives for solo female travelers, each blogger has carved a unique niche in this vibrant landscape. These individuals, including the adventure-focused Expert Vagabond, the savvy travel hacker The Points Guy, and others like Wandering Earl and Legal Nomads who share tales of sustainable and culinary journeys, have transcended traditional blogging. They are not just writers but educators, innovators, and inspirations, leading a new era of travel. Their diverse backgrounds, from corporate desks to legal courts, have converged on a common path of exploring the world, each bringing their unique perspective to the art of travel. This rich tapestry of experiences and insights has not only shaped their personal journeys but also guided countless others in seeking adventures, understanding cultures, and finding joy in the nomadic lifestyle.

Blogger NameBlog URLSocial Media PlatformsAdditional Channels
Nomadic Mattnomadicmatt.comFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeBooks, Travel Guides
The Blonde Abroadtheblondeabroad.comInstagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTubeOnline Courses, Retreats
Expert Vagabondexpertvagabond.comInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubePhotography Workshops
The Points Guythepointsguy.comTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTubePodcast, Travel Credit Card Reviews
Wandering Earlwanderingearl.comFacebook, Twitter, InstagramSmall Group Tours, eBooks
Legal Nomadslegalnomads.comTwitter, Instagram, FacebookBooks, Speaking Engagements
Adventurous Kateadventurouskate.comFacebook, Instagram, TwitterPublic Speaking, Travel Coaching
Oneika the Travelleroneikathetraveller.comInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeTelevision Appearances
Hand Luggage, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTubePhotography and Travel eBooks
I Am Aileeniamaileen.comFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTubeDigital Nomad Resources

1. Nomadic Matt: Pioneering Budget Travel

From Casual Traveler to Industry Leader

Matthew Kepnes, better known as Nomadic Matt, started his journey with a trip to Thailand in 2005. What began as a one-year endeavor transformed into a lifelong passion. Matt’s blog focuses on budget travel, offering tips and tricks for traveling cheaply without sacrificing experiences.

Key Strategies for Budget Travel

  • Travel Hacking: Matt emphasizes using credit card rewards and frequent flyer miles.
  • Accommodation Hacks: From hostels to couchsurfing, he explores various affordable lodging options.
  • Local Living: Matt advocates for immersing in local cultures to find cheaper and more authentic experiences.

2. The Blonde Abroad: Solo Female Travel Empowerment

Breaking Barriers in Solo Travel

Kiersten Rich, the face behind The Blonde Abroad, left her finance career to explore the world. Her blog empowers women to embrace solo travel, highlighting safety, fashion, and adventure.

Empowering Women through Travel

  • Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers: Kiersten provides practical advice for women traveling alone.
  • Fashion on the Go: She combines travel with fashion, offering tips on packing light yet stylish.
  • Cultural Immersion: Her travels emphasize connecting with local women and participating in community projects.

3. Expert Vagabond: Adventure Travel & Photography

Capturing the World through a Lens

Matthew Karsten, the Expert Vagabond, has been traveling and documenting his adventures for over a decade. His focus on adventure travel and photography inspires readers to explore offbeat paths and capture their experiences.

Adventures and Visual Storytelling

  • Photography Tips: Matthew shares techniques for capturing compelling travel photos.
  • Adventure Guides: His blog features guides for hiking, backpacking, and other adventure sports.
  • Sustainable Travel: Emphasizing responsible travel, he encourages preserving the natural environments visited.

4. The Points Guy: Maximizing Travel Through Points and Miles

Turning Points into Journeys

Brian Kelly, known as The Points Guy, started his blog to provide tips on using credit card points and frequent flyer miles. His expertise helps travelers maximize their travel rewards.

Mastering the Art of Points

  • Credit Card Strategies: Brian offers insights into choosing the right credit cards for travel rewards.
  • Mileage Maximization: He teaches how to accumulate and redeem miles for the best value.
  • Luxury Travel on a Budget: The blog features ways to experience luxury travel without the hefty price tag.

5. Wandering Earl: The Eternal Nomad’s Journey

Two Decades of Continuous Travel

Derek Earl Baron, known as Wandering Earl, started his journey in 1999 with a three-month trip to Southeast Asia. Over two decades later, he’s still on the road, having visited more than 100 countries. His blog offers a deep dive into long-term, sustainable travel.

Lessons from Long-Term Travel

  • Sustainable Travel Habits: Earl focuses on traveling responsibly and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Building a Mobile Career: He shares insights on earning a living while continuously traveling.
  • Cultural Integration: His experiences emphasize the importance of integrating into local cultures for a more enriching travel experience.

From Lawyer to Food Connoisseur

Jodi Ettenberg, the brain behind Legal Nomads, left her career as a lawyer to embark on what was supposed to be a one-year sabbatical. She turned her passion for food into a narrative about how food connects us across cultures.

Exploring the World Through Food

  • Culinary Guides: Jodi provides detailed guides on local cuisines and the best places to experience authentic meals.
  • Food and Storytelling: Her blog intertwines personal stories with the history and culture behind dishes.
  • Dietary Considerations: As someone with celiac disease, Jodi offers advice for traveling with dietary restrictions.

7. Adventurous Kate: Breaking Stereotypes in Solo Travel

Championing Solo Female Travel

Kate McCulley, popularly known as Adventurous Kate, has been an advocate for solo female travel since 2010. Her blog dismantles the myths surrounding solo travel for women, providing practical advice and inspiring stories.

Empowering Solo Travelers

  • Safety First: Kate shares essential safety tips for women traveling alone.
  • Budget-Friendly Travel: She provides resources for enjoying solo travel without breaking the bank.
  • Destinations for Solo Travelers: Her blog highlights the best places for solo female travelers, from bustling cities to serene nature spots.

8. Oneika the Traveller: Diverse Perspectives in Global Exploration

A Voice for Diversity in Travel

Oneika Raymond, the voice behind Oneika the Traveller, is a former educator turned travel journalist. Her blog and television appearances have made her a leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the travel industry.

Promoting Inclusive Travel

  • Diversity in Travel: Oneika discusses the importance of representation and inclusivity in travel.
  • Educational Travel: Drawing from her background in education, she explores the educational aspects of travel.
  • Luxury and Budget Experiences: Her blog covers a range of travel experiences, from luxury stays to budget adventures.

9. Hand Luggage Only: Visual Storytelling and Travel Hacks

Crafting a Vibrant Travel Narrative

Yaya and Lloyd, the duo behind Hand Luggage Only, started their blog while studying at the University of Cambridge. Their platform stands out for its vivid photography and engaging storytelling, offering readers a blend of practical travel advice and visual inspiration.

Key Elements of Their Approach

  • Vibrant Photography: The blog is known for its striking and colorful photography, capturing the essence of each destination.
  • Travel Hacks and Tips: They offer a plethora of travel hacks, from packing essentials to finding hidden gems in popular destinations.
  • Destination Guides: Detailed guides provide readers with comprehensive information on various destinations, including where to eat, stay, and explore.

10. I Am Aileen: From Corporate to Full-Time Travel Blogger

Embracing the Nomadic Lifestyle

Aileen Adalid left her corporate job at 21 to pursue a life of travel. Through her blog, “I Am Aileen,” she documents her journey as a digital nomad and entrepreneur, inspiring others to break free from conventional lifestyles and explore the world.

Themes and Insights from Her Journey

  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Aileen shares insights on how to sustain a nomadic lifestyle, including tips on remote work and entrepreneurship.
  • Inspirational Solo Travel: Her story is particularly inspiring for those looking to embark on solo journeys, offering advice on safety, budgeting, and making the most of solo travel.
  • Cultural Experiences and Responsible Travel: Her blog also focuses on immersive cultural experiences and promotes responsible and sustainable travel practices.
Blogger NameBackground & Career StartKey Achievements & Style
Nomadic MattStarted traveling in 2005; left a job in healthcare to travel.Focus on budget travel, travel hacking, and guides.
The Blonde AbroadLeft a career in finance to travel in 2011.Empowers solo female travel with a blend of fashion, safety, and adventure tips.
Expert VagabondBegan traveling in 2010 after leaving a job in Miami.Adventure travel and photography, with a focus on storytelling and offbeat experiences.
The Points GuyStarted the blog in 2010, leveraging knowledge in airline point systems.Maximizes travel through points and miles, luxury travel on a budget.
Wandering EarlStarted his continuous travel journey in 1999.Long-term sustainable travel, cultural immersion, and lifestyle design.
Legal NomadsLeft a legal career in 2008 for a sabbatical that became full-time travel.Culinary travel with a focus on storytelling, cultural exploration, and dietary considerations.
Adventurous KateBegan solo travel blogging in 2010 after a career in marketing.Advocates for solo female travel safety, budget-friendly tips, and destination guides.
Oneika the TravellerTransitioned from education to travel journalism.Promotes diversity and inclusivity in travel, educational and luxury experiences.
Hand Luggage OnlyStarted blogging while at the University of Cambridge.Visual storytelling, travel hacks, and comprehensive destination guides.
I Am AileenLeft her corporate job at 21 to become a digital nomad.Focuses on the digital nomad lifestyle, solo travel inspiration, and cultural experiences.

Final Thoughts

The journeys of these world-renowned travel bloggers are more than just stories of personal achievement; they are a source of inspiration and a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone with a passion for travel. From Nomadic Matt’s cost-effective travel strategies to The Blonde Abroad’s empowering solo female travel insights, and from Expert Vagabond’s captivating adventure narratives to The Points Guy’s ingenious travel hacking, each blogger brings a unique perspective to the world of travel. Their diverse backgrounds and approaches to travel have not only enriched their lives but also provided invaluable guidance and inspiration to their readers. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just starting to explore the world, the experiences and insights of these bloggers can empower you to make the most of your journeys, broaden your horizons, and experience the world in ways you never thought possible. They remind us that travel is not just about destinations; it’s about the transformative journey, the people we meet, the cultures we experience, and the memories we create.


Q1: How do travel bloggers afford to travel so much? A1: Travel bloggers often afford their travels through a combination of methods such as savings from previous jobs, income from their blogs (through advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing), freelance writing, travel photography, and sometimes by offering digital products or services. Some also use travel hacking strategies to reduce costs.

Q2: Can you make a living off travel blogging? A2: Yes, it is possible to make a living off travel blogging, but it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. Successful travel bloggers often diversify their income streams, including blog monetization, social media partnerships, writing books or guides, and public speaking.

Q3: What makes a travel blog successful? A3: A successful travel blog typically has engaging and authentic content, high-quality photography, a niche focus, regular updates, a strong online presence across various social media platforms, and a deep connection with the audience.

Q4: How do travel bloggers differentiate themselves from others? A4: Travel bloggers differentiate themselves by developing a unique style, focusing on a specific niche (like solo female travel, budget travel, luxury travel, culinary travel), sharing personal stories and insights, and offering unique perspectives on destinations.

Q5: What impact have travel bloggers had on the travel industry? A5: Travel bloggers have significantly influenced the travel industry by shaping travel trends, promoting destinations, and offering honest reviews and recommendations. They also play a key role in promoting sustainable and responsible travel practices.

Q6: How important is social media for travel bloggers? A6: Social media is extremely important for travel bloggers as it helps them reach a wider audience, engage with their followers, share real-time updates, and promote their content. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are particularly popular among travel bloggers.

Q7: What should someone consider before starting a travel blog? A7: Before starting a travel blog, consider your unique angle or niche, the audience you want to target, your content strategy, how you’ll manage the technical aspects of a blog, and how you plan to sustain and finance your travels.

Q8: Are there ethical considerations for travel bloggers? A8: Yes, travel bloggers face ethical considerations like respecting local cultures and environments, ensuring accuracy in their content, managing sponsored content transparently, and promoting responsible travel practices.

Q9: How do travel bloggers engage with their audiences? A9: Travel bloggers engage with their audiences through regular blog posts, social media interactions, newsletters, meet-ups, workshops, and sometimes through travel tours and retreats they organize.

Q10: Can travel blogging be a part-time activity? A10: Absolutely, many travel bloggers start as part-time bloggers, balancing travel blogging with other jobs or studies. It can be a flexible way to share travel experiences while managing other responsibilities.

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