India's Most Influential Travel Bloggers 2023 Earnings and Adventures

India’s Most Influential Travel Bloggers 2023: Earnings and Adventures

India’s Most Influential Travel Bloggers: In the dynamic world of travel blogging, India has seen a remarkable rise in influencers who have redefined the essence of exploration and storytelling. From Shivya Nath’s sustainable journeys as a digital nomad to Ajay Sood’s captivating travel photography, these bloggers have transcended traditional travel narratives, offering insights into diverse and often unexplored terrains. Each blogger, with their unique background and passion, has carved a niche in the travel industry. Whether it’s Lakshmi Sharath’s deep dive into India’s cultural heritage, Siddhartha Joshi’s human-centric stories, or Parnashree Devi’s adventures in hidden gems of India, their collective tales are a testament to the rich tapestry of travel experiences India has to offer. As they share their adventures, from the snow-clad Himalayas to the serene beaches and bustling cities, they not only inspire wanderlust but also bring forth a wealth of knowledge, tips, and insights for both avid travelers and aspiring bloggers. Their journeys, underlined by personal transformation and professional success, are more than just travelogues; they are narratives that inspire, educate, and resonate with a global audience.

Blogger NameMain Blog/WebsiteSocial Media PlatformsAdditional Channels
Shivya NathThe Shooting StarInstagram, Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Travel Books
Lakshmi SharathTravel with LakshmiInstagram, Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Freelance Writing
Siddhartha JoshiThe WandererInstagram, Facebook, YouTubePhotography Workshops
Anuradha GoyalInditalesInstagram, Facebook, TwitterBook Reviews, Consultancy
Mridula DwivediTravel Tales from India and AbroadInstagram, Facebook, TwitterPhotography, Freelance Writing
Sankara SubramanianBe On The RoadInstagram, Facebook, YouTubeBike Tours, Gear Reviews
Karthik ReddyRomancing The PlanetInstagram, Facebook, TwitterTech Reviews, Travel Apps
Archana SinghTravel See WriteInstagram, Facebook, YouTubePublic Speaking, Workshops
Parnashree DeviMy Travel DiaryInstagram, Facebook, TwitterTravel Collaborations
Ajay SoodTravelureInstagram, Facebook, TwitterPhotography Workshops, Prints

Table of Contents

Journey to Stardom

Shivya Nath, a digital nomad and author, embarked on a journey that transformed her from a corporate employee to one of India’s most influential travel bloggers. Her blog, ‘The Shooting Star,’ chronicles her adventures across various continents, embracing sustainable and offbeat travel.

Earnings and Monetization

Shivya’s earnings are a testament to her influence. With diverse income streams like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and sales from her bestselling book, she exemplifies how travel bloggers can monetize their passion effectively. A conservative estimate of her earnings would be in the upper five figures annually.

Memorable Adventures

From living with indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest to hitchhiking across remote regions, Shivya’s adventures are both inspiring and daring. These experiences not only enrich her blog content but also attract a wide array of audiences.

Advice for Aspiring Bloggers

Shivya stresses the importance of authentic storytelling and finding a niche in travel blogging. She also advocates for responsible travel, a theme that resonates deeply in her writings.

2. Lakshmi Sharath: A Cultural Journey Through India

From Media to Travel Blogging

Lakshmi Sharath’s transition from a media professional to a full-time travel blogger is a story of passion fuelling a successful career. Her blog, ‘Travel with Lakshmi,’ is a rich tapestry of India’s diverse cultural heritage.

Earnings Insights

Lakshmi’s income primarily comes from freelance writing, brand collaborations, and content creation for travel publications. Her earnings, although not publicly disclosed, are estimated to be substantial, given her collaborations with major travel brands and tourism boards.

Experiencing India’s Richness

Lakshmi’s adventures often focus on exploring lesser-known cultural and historical sites in India, providing a fresh perspective on the country’s rich heritage. Her work has played a pivotal role in promoting cultural tourism.

Guidance for New Bloggers

She advises new bloggers to focus on unique content and authentic experiences. Building a brand around one’s travel philosophy, she believes, is key to standing out.

3. Siddhartha Joshi: Capturing Stories, One City at a Time

The Storytelling Traveler

Siddhartha’s blog, ‘The Wanderer,’ is where storytelling meets travel. His approach to travel blogging involves capturing the essence of each destination through the stories of its people, making his content both relatable and engaging.

Blog Revenue Streams

Siddhartha’s earnings are diversified across sponsored trips, social media campaigns, and photography assignments. His unique storytelling approach has attracted collaborations with international tourism boards and travel companies.

Adventures with a Human Touch

His travel stories, often centered around the people he meets, highlight the human aspect of travel. Siddhartha’s journey through the streets of Varanasi, capturing the life of the city, stands out as a memorable adventure.

Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

For upcoming bloggers, Siddhartha emphasizes the importance of a distinctive storytelling angle and the power of social media in amplifying one’s reach.

4. Anuradha Goyal: The Ancient Trails and Modern Tales

Blending the Old with the New

Anuradha Goyal’s blog, ‘Inditales,’ is where ancient history and modern narratives converge. Her content often revolves around historical sites, forgotten tales, and the intersection of past and present in the travel spectrum.

Earning Dynamics

Her earnings, primarily from book reviews, travel writing, and heritage consultancy, reflect her niche expertise. Anuradha has carved a unique space in the travel blogging world, focusing on India’s rich historical and cultural legacy.

Discovering India’s Heritage

Anuradha’s travels often take her to ancient temples, historical ruins, and heritage sites, where she delves deep into their stories. Her exploration of Hampi and its historical significance is a highlight of her adventures.

Advice for Heritage Travel Bloggers

Anuradha suggests focusing on thorough research and a deep understanding of cultural contexts to create compelling content in the heritage travel niche.

5. Mridula Dwivedi: From Mountains to Beaches

A Teacher Turned Travel Blogger

Mridula Dwivedi’s transition from being a professor to a full-time travel blogger is an inspiring tale. Her blog, ‘Travel Tales from India and Abroad,’ beautifully captures her escapades from the snow-clad Himalayas to the serene beaches of Goa.

Earnings and Revenue Generation

Her earnings stem from various sources including sponsored posts, freelance travel writing, and collaborations with travel agencies. While the exact figures are not public, her extensive brand partnerships suggest a steady and significant income.

Diverse Travel Experiences

Mridula’s travel stories are a blend of adventure, leisure, and cultural experiences. Her trekking expeditions in the Himalayas and scuba diving adventures in the Maldives are particularly notable for their breathtaking visuals and detailed narratives.

Guidance for Emerging Bloggers

For those starting in travel blogging, Mridula recommends focusing on building a personal brand and being consistent in content creation. She also emphasizes the importance of engaging with the blogging community for growth and exposure.

6. Sankara Subramanian: The Bikepacking Explorer

Adventures on Two Wheels

Sankara’s blog, ‘Be On The Road,’ is centered around his passion for bikepacking and adventure travel. He is known for his solo motorcycle journeys across India and beyond, exploring offbeat paths and remote destinations.

Income Through Adventure Travel

His primary earnings come from brand endorsements, travel gear reviews, and adventure travel consultancy. Sankara’s niche in bikepacking also opens up unique sponsorship opportunities with motorcycle and gear manufacturers.

Thrilling Bike Journeys

Sankara’s motorcycle journey through the rugged terrain of the Spiti Valley and his exploration of the Northeastern states of India stand out for their adventurous spirit and the beautiful landscapes they unveil.

Tips for Adventure Travel Bloggers

He advises aspiring adventure travel bloggers to invest in good quality travel gear and to prioritize safety. Building a strong online presence and engaging with the adventure travel community is crucial for growth.

7. Karthik Reddy: Tech-Savvy Traveler’s Adventures

Blending Technology and Travel

Karthik Reddy’s blog, ‘Romancing The Planet,’ showcases how technology can enhance travel experiences. His background in technology and his love for travel make his blog a unique repository of tech-savvy travel tips and destination guides.

Monetizing Tech and Travel

Karthik earns through tech and travel gear reviews, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. His expertise in technology also allows him to collaborate with tech brands, adding a unique dimension to his travel blogging income.

Tech-Enhanced Travel Stories

His coverage of destinations is enhanced with the latest tech tips, like using drones for photography or the best travel apps. His trip to Japan, focusing on the intersection of ancient culture and modern technology, is particularly engaging.

Advice for Tech-Travel Bloggers

Karthik suggests staying updated with the latest technology trends and incorporating them into travel content. He also stresses the importance of authenticity and providing genuine reviews and tips.

8. Archana Singh: Solo Female Travel Insights

Empowering Solo Female Travel

Archana Singh’s blog, ‘Travel See Write,’ is a source of inspiration for solo female travelers. Her stories and tips are aimed at empowering women to explore the world fearlessly and independently.

Earnings from Solo Travel Expertise

Her earnings are diversified across freelance travel writing, brand partnerships, and speaking engagements. Archana has established herself as a thought leader in solo female travel, leading to lucrative collaborations.

Notable Solo Journeys

Her solo travels have taken her to over 60 countries, with experiences ranging from the colorful streets of Rio during Carnival to the serene landscapes of Scandinavia. Her content is rich with practical tips and motivational stories.

Guidance for Female Travel Bloggers

Archana advises aspiring female travel bloggers to focus on creating content that addresses the unique challenges and joys of solo female travel. Networking and building a community are also key aspects she highlights for success in this niche.

9. Parnashree Devi: Discovering the Unexplored India

Embracing the Offbeat Paths

Parnashree Devi, with her blog ‘My Travel Diary,’ is known for bringing the lesser-known destinations of India to the limelight. Her travel stories are a mix of adventure, culture, and hidden gems across the country.

Earnings Through Exploration

Parnashree’s income mainly comes from collaborations with tourism boards, sponsored posts, and freelance travel writing. Her focus on unexplored destinations makes her a valuable partner for regional tourism promotions, contributing significantly to her earnings.

Adventures in Uncharted Territories

Her travels often take her to off-the-beaten-path locations, like the remote villages of Northeast India and the unexplored beaches of the Andaman Islands. These journeys are not just about places but the stories of people and cultures that are rarely highlighted.

Tips for Aspiring Travel Bloggers

Parnashree advises budding travel bloggers to seek out unique stories and destinations. She emphasizes the importance of responsible and respectful travel, especially when visiting lesser-known areas.

10. Ajay Sood: A Photographer’s Travelogue

Through the Lens of a Traveler

Ajay Sood’s blog, ‘Travelure,’ stands out for its focus on travel photography. His ability to capture the essence of a place through his lens has made him one of India’s most influential travel bloggers, particularly for those who love combining photography with travel.

Photography and Earnings

His primary sources of income include photography workshops, photo tours, and sales of his photographic prints. Collaborations with travel and camera brands also contribute to his revenue, as his expertise in photography is highly sought after.

Capturing the World in Frames

Ajay’s travel expeditions are uniquely documented through his photographs. His photo essays on destinations like the architectural wonders of Europe and the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia offer a visual feast and in-depth insights into the art of travel photography.

Guidance for Travel Photographers

For those aiming to blend travel and photography, Ajay suggests focusing on developing a unique photographic style and mastering the technical aspects of photography. He also stresses the importance of storytelling through images.

Blogger NameBackground & Career TransitionTravel Focus & StyleNotable Achievements
Shivya NathTransitioned from a corporate career to full-time travel blogging.Sustainable and offbeat travel; Digital nomad lifestyle.Bestselling author; Featured in international media.
Lakshmi SharathFormer media professional turned travel blogger.Cultural and heritage travel in India.Collaborations with major travel brands and tourism boards.
Siddhartha JoshiBlends travel with storytelling, focusing on the human aspect.Storytelling through local interactions and cultures.International collaborations; Known for social media influence.
Anuradha GoyalExpertise in ancient Indian history and culture.Heritage travel; Historical and cultural insights.Author; Heritage consultant; Renowned book reviewer.
Mridula DwivediFrom an academic career to travel blogging.Adventure and leisure travel; Varied destinations.Extensive brand partnerships; Recognized in travel blogging circles.
Sankara SubramanianKnown for his solo motorcycle journeys and adventure travel.Bikepacking and adventure travel across remote areas.Partnerships with motorcycle and travel gear brands.
Karthik ReddyCombines his tech background with travel blogging.Tech-savvy travel; Destination guides with a tech angle.Collaborations with tech and travel brands.
Archana SinghFocuses on empowering women through solo travel narratives.Solo female travel; Empowerment through travel.Thought leader in solo female travel; Public speaker.
Parnashree DeviKnown for exploring and promoting lesser-known destinations.Offbeat and unexplored destinations in India.Collaborations with regional tourism boards.
Ajay SoodMerges his passion for photography with travel blogging.Travel photography; Visual storytelling.Conducts photography workshops; Sells photographic prints.

Final Thoughts

The stories of India’s Most Influential Travel Bloggers are not just about the places they’ve visited but about the boundaries they’ve pushed and the trends they’ve set in the travel blogging community. Each blogger, from Shivya Nath’s sustainable travel ethos to Ajay Sood’s photographic genius, represents a unique facet of India’s diverse travel landscape. They’ve shown that travel blogging is not merely a way to document journeys; it’s a powerful platform for cultural exchange, personal growth, and professional success. Their varied backgrounds, innovative approaches, and commitment to their craft serve as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to explore the world of travel blogging. As they continue to traverse unknown paths and share their stories, they not only enrich their audiences with worldly insights but also contribute significantly to the evolving narrative of travel in India and beyond. The journey of these bloggers is a vivid reminder that travel is more than destinations; it’s about the stories we create and the impacts we leave behind.


1. What is travel blogging, and how does it work?

  • Travel blogging involves documenting one’s travel experiences, tips, and insights through blog posts, photos, and sometimes videos. Bloggers share their journeys, travel advice, and stories with an online audience.

2. How do travel bloggers earn money?

  • Travel bloggers can earn money through various avenues, including sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, advertising, freelance writing, book sales, speaking engagements, photography, and collaborations with travel brands and tourism boards.

3. Who are India’s most influential travel bloggers?

  • India’s most influential travel bloggers featured in the article include Shivya Nath, Lakshmi Sharath, Siddhartha Joshi, Anuradha Goyal, Mridula Dwivedi, Sankara Subramanian, Karthik Reddy, Archana Singh, Parnashree Devi, and Ajay Sood.

4. What makes these travel bloggers influential?

  • These bloggers are influential due to their unique travel niches, compelling storytelling, extensive reach on social media, collaborations with travel brands, and their impact on the travel community.

5. What advice do these travel bloggers have for aspiring bloggers?

  • Advice from these bloggers includes focusing on authentic storytelling, finding a unique niche, building a personal brand, engaging with the blogging community, and staying updated with industry trends.

6. How can I follow these travel bloggers and stay updated with their adventures?

  • You can follow these bloggers on their respective blogs or websites, as well as on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where they regularly share their travel experiences and insights.

7. Are there opportunities for collaboration or learning from these bloggers?

  • Many of these bloggers offer workshops, consultations, and photography tours. Collaborations may also be possible, depending on your interests and the blogger’s focus.

8. What is the impact of travel blogging on the tourism industry?

  • Travel blogging plays a significant role in promoting destinations, cultural exchange, and responsible tourism. Bloggers often work closely with tourism boards to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of various regions, attracting travelers and supporting local economies.

9. How do these bloggers contribute to the travel community?

  • These bloggers contribute by sharing their knowledge, inspiring others to explore new places, promoting responsible and sustainable travel practices, and fostering a sense of community among travelers and bloggers.

10. Can anyone become a travel blogger, or does it require specific skills?

Anyone with a passion for travel, storytelling, and a willingness to learn can become a travel blogger. While no specific qualifications are needed, skills in writing, photography, and content creation can be advantageous.

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