Top Wealthiest Pinterest Profiles & Their earning figures in 2024

Top Wealthiest Pinterest Profiles & Their earning figures in 2024

Top Wealthiest Pinterest Profiles & Their earning figures: In the world of social media and digital entrepreneurship, Pinterest has emerged as a platform where creativity, inspiration, and innovation seamlessly blend with the potential for substantial earnings. Among the millions of users on Pinterest, there exists an elite group of individuals who have mastered the art of transforming pins into profits. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on the top 10 wealthiest Pinterest profiles and unveil the impressive figures behind their success stories. From lifestyle bloggers and designers to marketing gurus and DIY enthusiasts, these Pinterest influencers have harnessed the platform’s power to not only inspire but also generate substantial incomes. Join us as we delve into the diverse niches, strategies, and biographies that have propelled these digital entrepreneurs to the forefront of Pinterest’s ever-evolving landscape.

Profile NameNiche / Focus
Joy Cho – Oh Joy!Lifestyle and Design
Lauren ConradFashion and Lifestyle
Amy Locurto – Living LocurtoDIY and Home Inspiration
Julie BlannerHome Decor and Entertaining
Elise Moreau – Expert PhotographyPhotography Tips
Jeff Sieh – Manly Pinterest TipsPinterest Marketing
Natalie Board – Little Cosy ThingsDIY and Home Comfort
Peg FitzpatrickSocial Media and Marketing
Rebekah RadiceDigital Marketing
Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So PinterestingPinterest Marketing

Joy Cho – Oh Joy!:

Joy Cho is a renowned lifestyle blogger, designer, and founder of Oh Joy! Her Pinterest profile boasts a delightful mix of vibrant colors, creative DIY ideas, and home inspiration. With over 14 million monthly viewers, Joy has a substantial reach on the platform. She monetizes her Pinterest presence through sponsored pins and affiliate marketing. By collaborating with brands and promoting their products in a visually appealing way, she has managed to turn her passion for design into a lucrative income source.

Lauren Conrad:

You might recognize Lauren Conrad from her days on MTV’s “The Hills,” but she has since transformed into a successful fashion designer and lifestyle influencer. Her Pinterest profile is a reflection of her chic and elegant style. Lauren’s earnings on Pinterest primarily come from partnerships with fashion and beauty brands. By curating boards filled with fashion inspiration and beauty tips, she has attracted a dedicated following, allowing her to command high fees for sponsored pins and collaborations.

Amy Locurto – Living Locurto:

Amy Locurto is a talented graphic designer and blogger behind Living Locurto. Her Pinterest profile is a treasure trove of creative printables, party ideas, and family-friendly content. Amy’s main source of income on Pinterest is through her own digital products and printables, which she promotes through her boards. By consistently delivering valuable content and engaging with her audience, she has built a loyal fan base that eagerly purchases her products, contributing to her impressive earnings.

Julie Blanner:

Julie Blanner is a home and lifestyle blogger with a Pinterest profile filled with stunning home decor and entertaining ideas. She generates income on Pinterest through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling her own digital products. By creating visually appealing boards that resonate with her audience’s desire for elegant and practical home solutions, Julie has established herself as a go-to resource in the home and lifestyle niche.

Elise Moreau – Expert Photography:

Elise Moreau’s Pinterest profile is a haven for photography enthusiasts. With her keen eye for visuals, Elise curates boards filled with photography tips, camera gear recommendations, and stunning images. Her earnings primarily come from affiliate marketing, where she promotes photography equipment and online courses. By establishing herself as an authority in the photography niche and offering valuable insights, Elise has attracted a dedicated following that eagerly engages with her affiliate-linked content.

Jeff Sieh – Manly Pinterest Tips:

Jeff Sieh, the mastermind behind “Manly Pinterest Tips,” proves that Pinterest isn’t just for women. His profile focuses on helping businesses and marketers harness the power of Pinterest effectively. Jeff generates income through sponsored content, speaking engagements, and consulting services. He leverages his expertise to help businesses optimize their Pinterest strategies, and his earnings are a testament to the value he provides to his clients and followers.

Natalie Board – Little Cosy Things:

Natalie Board’s Pinterest profile radiates warmth and coziness. She specializes in DIY crafts, home decor, and all things snug and inviting. Natalie’s main source of income on Pinterest comes from promoting affiliate products related to her niche, such as crafting supplies and home decor items. Her ability to create a sense of comfort and inspiration has earned her a dedicated following, resulting in substantial affiliate earnings.

Peg Fitzpatrick:

Peg Fitzpatrick is a social media marketing expert who has harnessed Pinterest’s potential to grow her personal brand and income. Her profile is a mix of marketing insights, content creation tips, and inspirational quotes. Peg’s earnings come from a combination of sponsored pins, speaking engagements, and promoting her books and online courses. By sharing her expertise and engaging with her audience authentically, Peg has established herself as a thought leader in the social media space.

Rebekah Radice:

Rebekah Radice is a digital marketing strategist and social media expert whose Pinterest profile is a testament to her expertise. She focuses on providing valuable content related to digital marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Rebekah generates income primarily through sponsored content and affiliate marketing. Her in-depth knowledge in the digital marketing field has allowed her to form lucrative partnerships with brands seeking to tap into her engaged audience.

Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So Pinteresting:

Cynthia Sanchez, the brains behind “Oh So Pinteresting,” is a pioneer in the Pinterest marketing realm. Her Pinterest profile is a wealth of information on Pinterest strategies, tips, and trends. Cynthia’s earnings come from a combination of consulting, speaking engagements, and promoting her own Pinterest courses. As one of the go-to experts on Pinterest, Cynthia’s unique insights into the platform have made her a sought-after consultant and speaker in the social media world.

Profile NameBiography
Joy Cho – Oh Joy!Joy Cho is a lifestyle blogger, designer, and founder of Oh Joy! Her vibrant and creative content has made her a go-to source for design inspiration.
Lauren ConradLauren Conrad, known from her TV days, is now a fashion designer and lifestyle influencer. Her chic style and fashion expertise are widely recognized.
Amy Locurto – Living LocurtoAmy Locurto is a graphic designer and the creative mind behind Living Locurto. She specializes in DIY crafts and family-friendly content.
Julie BlannerJulie Blanner is known for her expertise in home decor and entertaining. Her Pinterest profile is a hub of elegant and practical home solutions.
Elise Moreau – Expert PhotographyElise Moreau shares her love for photography, offering tips, gear recommendations, and stunning images to her audience.
Jeff Sieh – Manly Pinterest TipsJeff Sieh is a Pinterest marketing guru, helping businesses harness the power of Pinterest. He’s known for his expertise in the social media marketing realm.
Natalie Board – Little Cosy ThingsNatalie Board’s Pinterest profile radiates warmth and coziness, offering DIY and home comfort inspiration to her followers.
Peg FitzpatrickPeg Fitzpatrick is a social media marketing expert who shares insights on Pinterest. Her content focuses on social media and marketing strategies.
Rebekah RadiceRebekah Radice is a digital marketing strategist, known for her contributions to the digital marketing landscape.
Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So PinterestingCynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing pioneer, offering valuable insights into the platform’s marketing potential.

Final Thoughts

the journey through the top 10 wealthiest Pinterest profiles and their remarkable earning figures has revealed the boundless opportunities that await those who harness the power of this visual discovery platform. From lifestyle mavens to marketing experts, these influencers have demonstrated that passion, expertise, and dedication can pave the way to substantial incomes in the digital realm. As we’ve seen, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, consulting, and promoting one’s own products are just a few of the avenues that can lead to financial success on Pinterest.

Moreover, their biographies serve as a testament to the fact that anyone, armed with a unique niche and valuable content, can carve out a lucrative niche for themselves on this platform. By optimizing profiles, consistently delivering high-quality content, and engaging with their audience, these Pinterest personalities have achieved the dual goal of inspiring and earning.


1. Who are the top 10 wealthiest Pinterest profiles mentioned in the article?

  • The top 10 wealthiest Pinterest profiles highlighted in the article are:
    1. Joy Cho – Oh Joy!
    2. Lauren Conrad
    3. Amy Locurto – Living Locurto
    4. Julie Blanner
    5. Elise Moreau – Expert Photography
    6. Jeff Sieh – Manly Pinterest Tips
    7. Natalie Board – Little Cosy Things
    8. Peg Fitzpatrick
    9. Rebekah Radice
    10. Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So Pinteresting

2. How do these Pinterest influencers earn money on the platform?

  • These influencers earn money through various methods, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, consulting services, promoting their own digital products or courses, and speaking engagements. They have leveraged their expertise and niche-specific content to attract partnerships and monetize their Pinterest presence.

3. Can I also make money on Pinterest, and how can I get started?

  • Yes, you can make money on Pinterest. To get started, focus on optimizing your profile, creating high-quality and visually appealing pins, engaging with your audience, and exploring monetization options like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or selling your own products. Consistency and providing value to your audience are key.

4. Are these earnings figures publicly disclosed by these influencers?

  • Earnings figures are not always publicly disclosed by these influencers. However, the article provides insights into common methods for estimating Pinterest earnings, such as affiliate link clicks and conversion rates.

5. What should I keep in mind if I want to become a successful Pinterest influencer?

  • To become a successful Pinterest influencer, focus on finding your niche, creating valuable and engaging content, optimizing your profile, and building a dedicated following. Stay consistent, adapt to changes on the platform, and explore monetization opportunities that align with your niche and audience.

6. Are there any specific tips for improving my Pinterest game and increasing my earnings?

  • Yes, the article provides several tips, including optimizing your profile, creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, leveraging keywords, exploring affiliate marketing, considering sponsored content, and promoting your own products or services. These strategies can help you enhance your Pinterest presence and earnings.

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